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Capital Raising

Raise capital with confidence knowing the team at Donoso acts as an independent advisor, meaning our services are free of bias. Having first-hand experience raising capital for our own companies, we are uniquely equipped to advise your team on the complexities of debt and equity financing. We work with our clients to ensure they each receive the best possible terms for their individual circumstances. Together, we assist you in building a roadmap, not only for success, but also for business longevity.

We cover a range of services from strategic, financial, and operational standpoints including:

  • Equity financing from private markets and preparing clients for the transition to public ownership (IPO)
  • Capital structuring, follow-on and acquisition financing
  • IPO readiness assessment and preparation
  • Execution including prospectus drafting, offer structuring, articulation of investment themes
  • Identifying and choosing appropriate brokers and underwriters
  • Investor relations including investor engagement and support

With an in-depth understanding of capital raising, you can have peace of mind knowing the team at Donoso will work to find the best solution for your circumstances, so you can continue to work on the things that matter most to your business.

Management Consulting

Donoso can assist you to improve your businesses performance by analysing your business strengths and weaknesses, introducing you to the relevant industry contacts, challenging assumptions, identifying underperforming areas of the business, and developing plans for improvement of business performance and success.

Our professionals combine strong technical capabilities in business analysis, research and development, strategic planning, critical and systems thinking with relevant industry experience and the ability to offer practical, useable advice. We draw on our extensive global resources and embrace cross-disciplinary approaches to important business issues to achieve stakeholder and customer confidence.

Mergers & Acquisition

Mergers & Acquisitions play a vital role in a business’s growth. Providing clarity, we give clients the confidence to make informed decisions on buying, selling, and holding. With the right support, an effective M&A can transform businesses and their operating models, enabling clients to meet their corporate objectives and create shareholder value.

Leveraging our global network, Donoso has a presence in many of the world’s commercial and financial centres. This allows us to draw on our effective connections across global investors, which makes a big difference in accessing vital market intelligence and getting the deal done. Using these expansive networks, we can find clients the right strategic or financial partner to maximise value and terms.

Our M&A services cover the entire process with our team experienced in advising on:

  • Identification on businesses with growth potential to be acquired or sold
  • Drawing upon our industry expertise to understand potential business purchases
  • Finding the right strategic or financial partner to maximise value and terms
  • Identifying, evaluating, and accessing acquisition targets, including capabilities fit
  • Determining and assessing likely competition, including strengths and weaknesses, and funding ability
  • Arranging financing (debt and equity)
  • Determining optimal business structure
  • Managing the diligence process

International Trade Transactions

We help our customers optimise their assets, manage risks, establish sustainable income streams and develop added value services to compete more effectively in the marketplace. We do this by providing global financial facilitation where we are connecting high level investors with green and brown field mining and infrastructure projects, with the main focus on employment creation, resource trading with minerals, technology and mining equipment, administration with business and legal affairs, and logistics with all modes of transport.


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